This course including the top 10 web application attacks (OWASP ranking) and
understood drill-down the attacks, including codes examples, lab and exercises.
In the end of the course the students understand how to attack, and how to
defense own code. And get best practice of web attacks and defense.
  • Experienced web developers.
  • Experienced in Jscript programming
  • Experienced basic SQL queries and database structure.

40 Hours

Cyber Security


Certificate: No

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Course Outline

Introduction of web application hacking
In this section we talk about biggest attacks scenarios in the world, and explain the attack vectors, and how is work.

Client side restrictions and parameter tempering
In this section we talk about Burp suite program, and another proxies to intercept band width. We talk about the concept and how is help us to penetrate applications (Mobile and Web)

Types of Injection Flaws attacks and prevention
OS Injection – explanation, wrong code example, secured code and labs
SQL Injection – explanation, wrong code example, secured code and lab

Offline and online password attacks
In this section we talk about brute-force attacks, online and offline, and do labs and exercise

Cross-site scripting – attacks and prevention
In this section we talk about HTML attacks vector in real life, do a labs and exercises

Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks
We talk about CSRF attacks in real life, and demonstrate banking attack(via labs)
File inclusion attacks
File inclusion attacks
Unrestricted File Upload
Client side attacks and Java applets
Real-life hacking attack scenario